[MANGA TITLE PAGES] I was practicing making manga pages with the program ComiPo!

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  1. I can't draw, so I use ComiPo! Manga Maker to do the drawing for me, but I design characters, scenes, dialogue, etc. I wanted to show you some of my title pages for my new stories. I will also explain the story synopsis.


    Futuristic Fantasy

    On a dying planet with nowhere to go, a small portion of humanity fled into the Dome, a large magical glass structure of protection, covering most of Europe, and parts of Africa and Asia. The remnants of humanity lived there for 2,000 years, with a monarchy kingdom and a dying supply of food and water. As far as any human knew, the Dome was the only safe, habitable home for humanity. However, someway, somehow, there was hope. After the end of the 6th mass extinction, deserts surrounded the Dome as far as the eye can see. We call the world outside the Dome the “Abyss.” Although the extinction was toward the masses, those species who survived evolved quickly into fierce, vengeful creatures.

    Every year, four strong individuals, preferably young, are sent out into the Abyss in search of habitable land for the remnants of humanity. No one has ever made it back alive, but there is a promise of a better life and dreams coming true if you find this land and make it back. This is enough to persuade four teens to go out and fight fate in the desert. Meet and follow our unique friends as they journey to either a promised life or their deaths...

    And the last one (for now)....

    Shape Shifter

    A college student/professional thief/shapeshifter has just got away from the cops. He was wanted dead or alive. He has a bounty. Kace Light is his name. He was in an alleyway when there was a sudden bang from a gun. He was with his friend, Mileesha. It was a bad aim. The bullet went straight for Mileesha, through the chest. It almost hit the heart. Her last words were to him. She said, “I have one last request for you, Kace Light. Stop wearing the skin you have. Wear my skin and protect yourself. Don’t be a thief anymore! Promise me! Promise you will take my form for your own. I say this for two reasons. One, I want to live on in you. Two, I want you to be safe. I know I may sound selfish, but I wanted to end with knowing you’ll be safe and remember me.” Kace did what he was told to do, and the thief part turned into something different. He became a hero of justice, wearing the skin of his late friend, Mileesha.

    Well, I hope you liked them!

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