Man-made Mob Spawners!!

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  1. Last Sunday, Panda, from Zipkrowd, released an episode of his survival let's play series where he built giant cobra-shapped piston pushers to push a pacific array of blocks into terrain that was never generated and force dungeons to generate aboveground and close to each other!!
    After publishing the video, his channel's subscriber count exploded with over 2,000 new subscribers!!

    Follow one of these links if you want to watch it!

    Video Link:

    Channel Link:
  2. I was seriously mind blown. That's amazing :eek:
  3. I agree, that was fantastic.
  4. Seems cool - might have to try this in single player.

    As mentioned in the video you need to know the seed of the terrain generation to be able to use this successfully. Without the seed it will be hit or miss if you get a spawner and no way of choosing which spawner gets generated.
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  5. I want to know the maths behind this.
    Is it possible to do on Empire?
  6. I would but I wouldn't devote a month to making it.. :p
  7. It is possible, but you need to know the seed to be able to know what kind of spawners you will likely get.
  8. Sorry everyone, we don't give out EMC's seed information.