[Malware Pop-up] Unable to view a Thread

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  1. So for some reason suddenly, I can't go to iHaro's Birthday thread, it gives me this:
    Can it be fixed please? :3 I know staff has had to fix these before.

  2. You might want to look into your anti-virus software, and make it calm down a bit :p!
  3. This isn't an antivirus issue, I am also using Google Chrome and am getting the same warning. I would steer clear of the page for now until staff can work something out ;)

    I'm not entirely sure how Google detects these things, could be remotely or locally however considering we both got the warning. I don't think it's lying, better to be safe than sorry :D
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  4. All those unorganized bookmarks ._. EEEEEEEH UNACCEPTABLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. It's apparently goofballbroker's signature. Brit clicked it for science and then it gave her a Malware popup. The link "valid.canardpc.com" is what comes up when you mouse over it. I can't even go to his page.

    Google just tells me the site may harm my pc:
  6. It was due to an image in a users signature.

    I can say with confidence there was absolutely no chance of receiving malware.

    The issue appears to be due to browsers being a little stingy with image references, and apparently the website listed above that deals with showing off your PC's specs may of been hijacked, so browsers are blocking any links to it.

    But because it was a simple (Legit) image link, there was no chance of infection.

    Just a case of browsers being a little too paranoid...
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  7. Im getting this as well
  8. If you still see it you can safely hit ignore on the warning (ON EMC! I don't know what Windows will do to the actual CanardPC site), then let me know and ill find out who else has it and is triggering it.