1. I'm trying to build my mega-mall for smp5 but I don't have enough funds for what I need to build it without ending up broke. I wanted to ask you if you would donate. YOU DO NOT have to donate. You don't even need to donate rupees I will accept materials as well. All rude comments will be ignored. Here's what I got so far 2013-02-09_19.16.18.png

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  2. To get to your %appdata% on Windows 8 use the windows button and the r key at the same time. Then type in %appdata%.
  3. Ty I woulda never found out
  4. What's your mall gonna be made of?
  5. Wool mostly
  6. I could help you build if you would like. I have had nothing to do recently on EMC. Free of charge if you wish.
  7. Ok but Im not sure if I can provide materials is that okay?
  8. And that would be very helpful!
  9. I guess I could help with some wool just not all.
  10. K thx for all the help :) close to finishing the walls
  11. Can you post a more recent picture?
  12. Keralis, right? His builds are great
  13. I can donate a SC of white wool :)
  14. K ty that will help :)
  15. I also need help building :)
  16. yes
  17. thx
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  18. Looks great.