(Mall) Volt XXI Inc.- 12045 on smp6

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  1. Hey guys, as you may already know Me, Xothis_dwarf, and Ironicswordplay have started Volt XXI Inc.
    We are now starting up on our second mall(9500 on smp4 being our first)
    Now I ask you this
    • Can you donate- if so PM Ice_lightning99 and Xothis_dwarf
    • can you donate any of the following (if so there are sell signs at 12045): Stone, Stone Brick, Stone Slabs, Birch Log, Spruce Log, Birch Planks, Spruce Stairs, White Wool, Gray Wool. Silver Wool, Iron Blocks, Redstone Blocks, Redstone lamps.
    Apply for Build Team or Manager:
    managers(pay: depends on the sales for the week):
    Build Team(pay will be decided when done):

    2013-11-02_22.26.50.png 2013-11-02_22.29.28.png
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  2. hahaha.... it my companies name
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  3. While I can understand asking for donations for something that would be for community use, i.e. a public spleef, some big event, etc, I don't quite get the logic in asking for donation for a for-profit thing. Your goal is to make money running a mall, it seems like it would only make sense for you to be the one doing all the work to make all the money. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding.
  4. im accepting donations because it will benifit the community... i also have some things planned if the build is doen by thanksgiving(Ex: Secret Santa, New Years Eve Drop Party)... the donations are for building not stocking
  5. oh and I'm not begging for them( I know you u didn't say that, just making a point) I'm just asking, if you have some extra stuff laying around, and your not gonna use it, why not donate it.
  6. Bumps: for applying to build team or for Manager
  7. bump... lets get some applications in