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  1. Hi all,

    I recently posted a thread about it but I lost it :p Ok so me and highlancer54 are looking for some kind people to help do the signs for our new mega mall, 14010. We don't have the time to do them right now due to real like obligations. So we're looking for someone to join in and help us. If you think you have the skills either reply to this thread with why we should choose you or start a PM and add me and highlancer54 to it.

    Sam :)
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  2. Umm.. so they are setting up shops under their own name? Please explain?
  3. If we set up the shops, we can't set them up under your name.
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  4. Ok well you need shop signs to run a mall. We have a separate account just for shop signs, 14010 so we're asking people if they would help do the signs with us under that account.
  5. I could do it
  6. last i remember sharing accounts was frowned upon
  7. Hmm is it. Ok.
  8. yea it is. and you don't want to be doing that anyway. Opens you up to all sorts of scamming/theiving problems.

    Maybe i jump to some other res, make a sign to buy dirt for 20k each, then later, sell that shop a heap of dirt?

    Anyway, you get the point. don't lend out the account.
  9. Alright.

    1. This account is just for signs. Nothing else.

    2. The balance is 0 r
  10. The owner of the sign is the one who will be buying and selling whatever. :) balance maybe 0 now, but i'm assuming you plan on making some money with that account? :) you don't see how that can be abused?
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  11. Or worse they could go grief and it goes under your name (your responsibility).

    I'm gonna be blunt with this one, if you have the motivation to make a mall suck it up and place the signs.