[Mall] SMP8 16181 apamment's mall

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  1. I'm building a mall on SMP8 at 16181. I thought I would open it one floor at a time as I work on stock.

    All floors have been open but I am very low on stock, and out of rupees :(

    I do have lots of horse armor though.
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  2. All floors except potions and enchanted books are open now, but stock is very limited and in some cases non-existant. Almost everything is buy/sell, so sell me your items and send me broke :)
  3. Cool :) hope this goes well for you :p may drop by sometime
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  4. Great! Malls are popping up everywhere, I can't keep up! :confused:
  5. LOL think you mean "popping" not... Poop... ;) xD
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  6. ...

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  7. Poop and crap are the same. Your argument Is invalid.
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  8. Oh the puns.
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  9. Thought this said 18181 at first, i was like....
  10. Currently out of rupees and most stock. :(

    My mall will remain open but I can't recommend it at the moment until I manage to restock everything.