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  1. i can suply things as they come so dont excpect it to be instant
  2. supply me?
  3. Supply me? i need diamonds
  4. i said first
  5. no
  6. with waht and potato goes first
    then felly
  7. I'll got third. I want diamonds, but I want to know the price you'll charge.
  8. first potpato
    then felly
    then you Sweety_pea
  9. im now getting on smp4 so come talk to me if you need things
  10. my res is 9168
  11. Can you charge me 45r per diamond? I sell them for that much at my mall, and it would help me save rupees if I ordered some from you for that much. :)
  12. I willl pay 47r per diamond
  13. fine sweety 45r but 20r for shipping
  14. I can totally get the 20r shipping part. Thanks! I'll order... some time this weekend. I need to get some stuff ready. Thanks!
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  15. Alright, am I able to order 2 stacks of diamonds?
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  16. no but i might be able to get 20 in about 1 week
  17. Sure! 20 would be good! I can have them by next Sunday? At least next weekend. I can't pick them up during a school day.
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  18. k im in school also one of my teachers is realy mean
  19. That sucks... at least my teachers are nice. :)
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