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  1. SBB Mall

    Started in early February, my mall has now been (mostly…) finished! Here you will find cheap prices, a fun minecart ride, and (hopefully) not as much of a framerate death as other shops can induce. You can access the mall with /v +sbb on SMP8.

    Note that this shop is still under slight construction and still definitely being worked on stock. Please sell if you have items you don’t want or if you want to make rupees! The preview flag is on, meaning you can right click chests to check inside and what you could work on making to make rupees. :)

    Please leave tips or pointers below. I know some prices are probably pretty bad (building blocks, for one, I know needs to have its sale prices changed). Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

    • Nether/End Materials (Nether Quartz Ore pixel art)
    • Utilities (Crafting Table)
    • Wood and Trees (Oak Wood Log)
    • Foodstuffs (Cake)
    • Stones and Cave Stuff (Cobblestone)
    • Farmstuffs (Hay Bale)
    • Building Blocks (Iron Block)
    • Ores and Precious Materials (Lapis Lazuli Ore)
    • Redstone (Redstone Dust)
    • Spawn Eggs (Monster Spawner)
    • Mob Drops (Skeleton Skull)
    • Bookstore (Bookshelf)
    • Transportation (Minecart)
    • Tools (spilled Water Bucket)
    • Enchants (Enchantment Table)
    • Brewing (Cauldron)
    • Misc. (Brick item
    • 1.9 Items (Shulker mob - waiting on 1.9 update)
    When you spawn in on the residence and turn around, you will find several preview chests. These chests contain items that I am willing to strike deals with to sell. Some of them I am willing to simply give away (failed enchantment books, zombie viruses, etc…).
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  2. ::Bulk Service

    I will also offer a bulk service. You can check the link below, which will take you to a spreadsheet, to see the prices for individual materials.


    I can only work on a few orders at a time! I will let you know if your order will take a longer period of time than usual. With that said, please sanction at least a week (7 days) for your order to be completed (or more if noted on the spreadsheet!). To submit an order, fill out and post this form in the thread:

    Item: The name of the item as it appears on the spreadsheet.
    # Of DCs: How many double chests of the item you need.
    Total Rupees Due: Multiply the price listed on the spreadsheet by however many double chests of the item you need. This is your total price.
    Deadline: When is the latest you need these materials?
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Do you need me to deliver the item? If so, tell me where and what SMP. If you say “Pick-Up,” I will make an access area for you at /v SlvrBuildsBlocks-2 Mailbox.

    Item: Sand
    # Of DCs: 3
    Total Rupees Due: 21000r
    Deadline: 4/21 (Day/Month)
    Pick-Up Or Delivery: Pick-Up. /// Delivery on SMP2 at /v example

    I will quote your post, and reply with a confirmation post. An example of a reply to the order above would be:

    Item: Sand
    # Of DCs: 3
    Total Rupees Due: 21000r
    Deadline: I can meet your deadline.
    Pick-Up Or Delivery: (If you chose Pick-Up) It will be ready for you at /v SlvrBuildsBlocks-2 Mailbox on (day)/(month).


    The “Bookstore” teleport at the main teleport hub will take you to my bookshop! Here you can find some of my original Minecraft stories in written book format. Names of the books as well as their order are listed in the signs on the walls. If you find anything out of stock, you can catch me in-game or post on this thread, I’ll make more copies as soon as I can.

    NOTE: As of the opening date for the shop, 5/11/16, the bookstore is out of stock and probably will be for a while. I have not completed all of these stories in document format, therefore cannot convert them to book and quill until I do. It’ll just take time. I will post alerts when it’s stocked!

    ::Other Info

    1. SBB2 is my alternate account and somewhat of my banker.
    2. If you want to strike a deal with me about being a Supplier, please PM me on the forums! Depending on the items you want to supply, we could definitely strike a deal. However, the following materials I do not need suppliers for: Mob Drops, Spawn Eggs, Bookstore, Ores, Nether/End Stuff
  3. Currently in progress at the shop:
    • Stocking
    • Minecart ride around the build
    • Repricing Building Blocks, Farmstuffs, and some other items
    • Converting stories to written books for the Bookstore.
    • Finding suppliers
    • Setting up frontier farms to help keep future stock - please SELL items to me if you can!
    • Revising dirt blockers to make room for more stock.
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    SUPPLIERS still needed. Updates have been edited into the third part of the OP. Thank you!
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    Keep in mind the bulk service. Will be able to stock bookstore very soon. 1.9 section will soon be under renovations.