[Mall] MPF Office is now open!

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  1. Welcome to my new building on smp8 /v 17040,
    MPF ! (mega paper factory)

    The building got 9 floors :

    This floor is where you can access to other floors teleports. You can also use the utilities (anvils and enchanting tables) .

    --[+]--Floor 0 : Sugarcane work--[+]--
    Consist of crafting paper with the available sugarcane. Paid 100r after each little chests turned to paper (200r if with your own sugarcanes)
    --[+]--Floor 1 : Garden with fountains--[+]--
    A floor with some flowers and fountains. Nothing special except that there might be shop signs with great deals ;)
    --[+]--Floor 2 : Paper Vault--[+]--
    Where the paper can be sold to me after crafting it. This floor fill have infinite villagers added soon for public use!
    --[+]--Floor 3 : Bulk buying--[+]--
    This floor got chests with stuff that can be bought in stacks. Don't restrain yourself if you see a deal you like :)
    --[+]--Floor 4 : Sell Vault--[+]--
    You can sell stuff for rupees there. There will be only stuff that I need available for selling.
    --[+]--Floor 5 : Enchanted tools and armor--[+]--
    This floor got really good enchanted gears, weapons and tools. In there the tools are already made and ready to buy but you can always use the order chest to have a custom tool/gear.
    Available enchants to add on stuff :
    Tools :
    Unbreaking 3 stupid villager just broke :mad:
    Efficiency 5 things are bad for me atm...
    Silk Touch 1
    Fortune 3

    Bow :
    Flame 1
    Punch 2
    Infinity 1
    Unbreaking 3
    Power 3-4
    (power 5 can be done but will cost a little more since I don't have books ready)

    Gear :

    Unbreaking 3
    Projectile Protection 4
    (I still have some work to do to get protection 4)

    Sword :
    Unbreaking 3
    that's all for now...

    --[+]--Floor 6 : Promo Floor--[+]--
    There is promos for sale at this floor. Those prices can be negotiable but it's always almost final.
    --[+]--Floor 7 : Special Items floor--[+]--
    Those are the special drops like shiny flesh, zombies virus or other items hard to get but that are not promos or vanilla minecraft.
    --[+]--Floor 8 : Promo SkyHall--[+]--
    I called it like that since it's almost at last layer of the sky. All the promos I succeed on getting my hand on will be there. Buying signs might be on top of a stand, if it does I'm looking for that item and I can make offers. If a buyer wants to have a promo there, the price will be very high since it's my only copy even if the promo is cheap.

    -The store is almost finished but there is still some things to build like the sugarcane farm that is not completed and some parts of the mall is missing.

    -I'm looking for suppliers, pm me if you would like to be one.

    For now that's it. I'll post more information if new jobs or new stuff happens. Don't hesitate to have a look around :)

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  2. I'm now buying more stuff, in floor 3 too. Like diamond, gold, emeralds and stuff. A lot more will be add very soon!
  3. Coming to check it out for myself :3
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  4. Oolong I'll check it out tomorrow! :) and I sell gold but I think you know about the gold farm.
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  5. But I can't always access it so I'm buying too
  6. I need some paper if anyone wants some easy rupees and a safe good paying job at floor 0.
  7. If anyone is looking for a job the paper crafting is available to earn rupees quick! Bring yours for more profit