[ MALL ] Mega Mall!

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  1. Today Gobstone308 and I were bored and decided to make a MEGA mall on smp7. We are currently building our butts off, were estimating it will take about a month to get everything done because its SOOOOOO big. Its will be located on smp7, lot 14566. Gobstone308's first residence. We hope its going to be smp7's newest, freshest, grooviest, attraction on smp7.

    It will be selling EVERYTHING theirs is too sell, hopefully always will be in stock. We will have a grand opening with a huge drop party at 14224. ( buts thats long to come :p )

    We will need stockers, their will be advertisement boards to promote others. We hope it becomes a big success.

    Here are some screenshots of what it looks like so far :
  2. I might of calculated this wrong but This project will need about 200 stacks of sandstone. :p
  3. o.o
    still not impressedjk :p
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  4. When I saw that i thought it was a floating trash bag.... :confused:
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  5. :p

    You see me trolling
    on the forums!

    they be hatin
    still ignore them!
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  6. erm... Im not trolling..... Im being serious here.
  7. meh. everybody needs a big project. good job! my project will be at a standstill though. i really hate my internet card. :(
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  8. Its hard to do this kind of thing when your pretty much broke. xD

    But I will pull on through it. :)
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  9. Almost finished with second wall. :D

    Added stalls, and a desert exterior design. Still lots of sandstone needed!
  10. Well... It is a great idea, but I don't like the design... It's just a big sandstone cube :confused:
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  11. If you need sandstone visit 12006 @ smp6 ;)
  12. Just wait, were not down yet. ;)