Mall Designer Wanted!

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  1. Just to mention, I'm not sure if this post is in the correct type, if it is not, just tell me, and I will move it!

    So, I'm looking for a skilled designers to make me a mall that I can operate and run. I will try my best to pay for the items necessary for the construction, as long as it isn't something ridiculous like diamond blocks.

    I don't mind what sort of design you are willing to do, as long as it has a big space for floors and is well designed. If you can, I'd like some examples of the mall you would create for me so I can get an idea of what I am paying for.

    I will pay you for your time, amount to be discussed, but I shall stock items.

    Thanks everyone.

    JC Inc. Owner.
  2. Alexchance builds a great mall :p His building service is here.
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  3. Thanks Sam!
  4. Wow, he is too expencive for me!
  5. i have recently been building a few just click the "building services" button in my signature to check it out XD
  6. I thought I'd just mention something. You said that AlexChance's prices are too much for your budget, and that's fine, but I see a problem you will likely run into down the road.

    If 300k is "way too much", think of all the stocking and fees you will have to maintain during the length of your mall. This is where a lot of people mess up. The only people that didn't mess up here are pretty much all the major successful malls today, for example 2000 & 19000. Many people fully underestimate the budget and effort it takes to make a mall.

    I can name off so many people that had a 200k budget who are generally not willing to do a lot of hard work that go "I'll make the best mall! The guys before me that failed will not be like me, I'll pay for everything and keep it well stocked all the time!" <-- Don't be like that.

    Speaking from past experience, I can tell you first-hand it is no where near an easy task to keep a mall up and running and constantly have income flowing in. In fact, you're likely to be loosing money on your mall for a while until it becomes profitable (selling all your up-front stock investments and buying them back cheaper). Generally it takes roughly anywhere from 500,000r-1,000,000r to build and operate a successful megamall, however it can, with the right guidance and mindset, be done at a lower cost.

    I hope you can take that advice and improve your direction. If none of that sounds like you, please disregard this message.
  7. Haro, don't worry, I found someone willing to make one for 45k and supply the items himself. I got 1.1m worth of promos and another 200k worth of items to sell which will help my supply my mall, so I should be fine to start.