Mall Co-Owner Needed! 15015!

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  1. Hello my fellow businessmen / businesswomen, I'm looking for a Mega Mall Co-Owner!

    Being a Co-owner at 15015 (smp7) means that you are in charge of basically half of the place. You are required to take care of 6 sections of the mall.
    The sections are:
    • Wools & Dyes
    • Stained Clay & Stained Glass
    • Redstone
    • Foodstuff & Farming Items
    • Nature Items
    • Building Blocks
    If you cannot or are not willing to be in charge of these sections then please don't apply. I do have rules and I'm strict on getting things done, incompleteness drives me crazy. Everyone and anyone can apply, only if you're a hard worker and are willing to work by my side :p

    Apply Here:

    Hopefully my decision will be made within a week (next Saturday).


  2. Imma apply for this!
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  3. Morning Bump
  4. Any luck finding someone?
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  6. I would apply, but i will soon have my own mall to take care of. :D
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  7. I'm looking forward to cream the competition ;)

    Good luck ;P
  8. thanks, it will also double as a museum!
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  9. Bumparooni
  10. I thought my application was amazing and was approved right away? D:
  11. You may be just too good for my mall. I can never handle such an amazing person such as yourself xD
  12. Sent an application, due to my new member status i highly doubt ill be accepted.
  13. For the love of bump!
  14. Hel make u look bad don't do it xD
  15. Hey I applied. I'm actually just getting back into the game after I spent this whole summer touring the US :p Anyways I wanted to know what your plans are in terms of other malls and such if this one takes off and works. I'd really like to be able to get malls on every SMP.
  16. Decision will be made on Friday!

    Apply before it's too late ;)