[MALL] Chews Cheaps, Friend to all!

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  1. Welcome to the Chews Cheaps fourm page, be sure to check out our website. http://chewsy4.wix.com/chewscheaps


    Chews Cheaps is a friendly SMP8 Mall open for all, we have a delivery service, newsletter mailing you when good sales are on, friendly enviroment, 10% discount for really close friends and great design! What else would you like in a mall?

    Suggestions Page

    Like the name says, we also have cheap things! If your not impressed with the prices, why not go on the website and go onto the suggestions page. Need an item sold at our shop? Go to the suggestions page.

    Shop Reccomendations

    We reccomend other friend shops in our `Other Shops' Page, if you haven't found what you need and you need it ASAP be sure to check there!


    You can find the mall at the following:
    Server SMP8
    /v Chewsy4 2
    /v +ChewsCheaps
    /v +CC

    Thanks for everyone who buys at chews cheaps!


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