Mall Builder Wanted / Payout = Millions!!

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    Mall Builder:

    • Someone who can design and build a detailed building similar to that of /v 2000.
    • I will be paying for all supplies that are needed for the build, so you don't have to worry about that.
    • MUST design the build somewhere else such as a creative world or your res on EMC. (if built on EMC we can just transfer it with /res changeowner).
    • To recieve payment you HAVE to complete the build 100% and do it in the time frame I provide, which will be around a month. (30 days is plenty of time to design something right?)
    • Pay: Depends on detail and complexity of build, can range anywhere from 1,000,000r to 10,000,000r. (we will establish pay so it isn't a secret to you)
    • I will hire one person to build it or you can apply as a team, but teams will split the pay.
      (to apply just PM)
    • If you think you'd be interested in this we can talk more about specific details in PM. :)
    Hi all! I'm looking for a talented builder who has some interest in designing a 2-res wide build that will function as a mall similar to the very popular mall /v 2000. I have always wanted to have a similar legacy to that of famous mall owners such as Todd_Vinton, AlexChance, etc. and although I lack in the building aspect of one I have the economic knowledge and motivation to keep a mall stocked fully.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I know there are very talented building services on EMC. I am opening up to this position to all of EMC to redistribute some wealth and will resort to a building service if no one else is interested / I'm not satisfied with people's builds.
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  2. I'm throwing my hat in the ring :) PM sent, thanks Samsimx!
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  3. hi i have 1 question i would love to do this but are supplies provided if we build it in creative i am poor as crap and supplies are tight atm
  4. read 2nd line of list, samsim pays 4 all supplies.
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  5. thx
  6. Same brother I suck at building but am inspired to keep a mall fully stocked =P
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  7. Now question and im sorry if i have missed this, But is the build gonna be one res or 2? or 4? or simply 1? thanks.
  8. 2 residence
  9. Here you go, 100% perfection.

    And the inside:

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  10. I've had some very talented builders contact me so far and I like what they have shown me, just bumping to see if anyone else is out there. :p
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  11. Well, you said it best. ^

    Cannot wait to see this mall though :)
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