[Mall] Alaeres Shopping Emporium

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  1. When two builders combine their skills, knowledge, and capabilites, a baby of epic proportions is born. Being part one of the Alaerth build project on EMC, we've created a mall like no other. Focusing not on the color coded floors that is normal on EMC, we bring a world full of hidden gems and surprises, as well as beauty.

    Designed, built, imagined, maintain, and brought to the life through the power of Minecraft, the Alaeres Shopping Emporium is available to all. We provide the basic neccessities of Minecraft to all players and keep a hefty monthly balance for players who are looking to assist.

    18399 is the number or /v +alaeres, we welcome you with open arms and hope to see you soon. :)


    Deathtomb8953 - Co-Owner, Designer, Builder, Finances
    NetherSpecter - Co-Owner, Designer, Builder, Finances
    fairygurl91 - Designer, Builder
    JediMama - Supplier

    We'd like to thank the EMC Community, with special mention of SMP9 for your motivation to complete and continue improving this project.


    Public Stone Gen -18797
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  3. damn
    looks awesome :D
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  4. That is pretty awesome!
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  5. Really cool design. I'm also not a big fan of those malls that look like giant warehouses. Will definitely check it out!
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  6. Hope it works out for you.
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  7. Mind Blownnnn, I saw you build it..... Let's not say why...
  8. Bump. We do our best to keep fully stocked. If you find we are sold out of an item, simply post what you're in need of here and we'll do our best to accommodate.

    But sure to check out this link for a chance to win free razer gaming gear..