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  1. >> Under Construction! <<

    908 is a brand new, mega mall on SMP1. We offer cheap good's always fighting to be the best on selling and buying prices compared to the alternatives. What we want is people to get a good deal for what they need and when people need money they can sell to us for more than others would offer.

    What we offer:
    Here at 908 we have tried to pack in everything, but we can miss a few things (So many Minecraft blocks) So if you need anything then please just contact me, the owner Fellyboy.

    Unique features about us:
    We will try and keep up with custom EMC items and try and give good buying and selling prices on them while getting good stock on them. As well as bulk deals which we also offer, these will either be advertised in a custom teleporter (Coming Soon) where you can buy bulk items at a greater discounted price but also will be advertised via signs around the items or you could contact me.

    We have set all chests to be open to buying and selling, but we cannot also confirm that they will be empty for buying or stocked for us to sell to you. Anything that is not in stock just contact me.

    Staff would be great! But you will have to follow all of EMC's rules as well as ours when it comes to you're job.
    We hire:
    - Specified Stockers
    - Advertisers (More info by PMing me)
    - Managers (More info by PMing me)
    All have their own pay amount depending work done etc, which is all negotiated before hirement.

    At 908 were taking down expensive buying from other mega malls and if you can find something cheaper from a mega mall then we will reduce the price in the shop and refund the difference (Terms and Conditions apply). It must be a Mega Mall only! And the res number found at must be given.

    Management at 908:
    Owner: Fellyboy
    Co-Owners: Jake_bagby & ben_taylor10

    Thank You For Reading! And Come Visit Us Now!
    /v 908

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  2. Please note that 908 is:
    >> Under Construction! <<

    News And Information:
    We should be opening very soon! Expect more information from here. If you want to help donations, time or anything please just talk to me in-game
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  3. As i'm currently on holiday, there may be a bit of delay before we can open :( I will try and do as much as I can.
  4. If you shopped at 9139 on SMP 4 when it was in it's prime, expect it to be like 908, reasonably priced and almost always stocked! :)
  5. Seems legit.
  6. I'm confused onto why you have said this? If you have any concerns contact me and fellyboy in a PM.
  7. Saying it's good, and doesnt look like one that is ridiculously expensive. >.> It was a compliment. :)
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  8. Oh right lol, I wasn't sure how to take it, but I'm glad it was something positive opposed to something I thought was negative. :)
  9. I can supply potions in bulk with my new potion machine.I can also advertise.
  10. im not sure if i have a potion supplier so i will have to get back to you on that one, but you can advertise and if you have a well known res i will pay to get advertisement on there =)
  11. Erm... I fully support other malls, however with the price war, you could lose out on money :confused: You may get a lot lower profit from diamonds if I found a cheaper place, and that may or may not be good for business
    ;3 not to be mean or anything, just a bit curious
  12. i see what you mean
  13. I'll open a shop put a sign saying its a megamall with 1 item and I'll make the diamonds 2 rupees each

    Edit: No I'm just playing

    Anyways like your setup looks professional :). Will definitely be looking forward to your opening.
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  14. thanks =D opening today =)
  15. Actually my res gets about 1 visitor/day.Still,more then some reses.
  16. Added some misc enchanted items and XP Bottles to a new floor! Check it out if you like! :)
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  17. Is the whole mega mall buy and sell?
  18. Majority of the things are, I think everything that felly sell's is buy and sell, but not everything I sell is buy/sell.
  19. Well designed and good prices, ya'll are running a great shop :)
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