Mall 7500 Opening Drop Party!

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Will you attend?

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Yes! 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Maybe.. 6 vote(s) 85.7%
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  1. I'm proud to announce the long awaited opening of Mall 7500!
    To celebrate this opening I will be holding a drop party right before the opening including 10 beacons, plenty of diamonds, perhaps a few promos, and much more!
    Why not come to celebrate?

    When: Friday, 2:30pm Central Standard Time
    Where: Plot 7500 on Smp3
    What to Bring: An empty inventory :)

    Either PM me in game or mail me your donations with the message "DP Donation" and it will be added ;)
    *ALL items donated will added to the drop party*
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  2. What day is the drop party?

    Edit: smp3 gets a mall? Woot!
  3. Is this today?
  4. Almost forgot the most important part; The drop party is on Friday. Now added :)
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  6. I hope I have better luck than I did at the last drop party I went to.
    Congrats, I'm sure it will be a great mall.
  7. sweet nice to hear, I'll maybe be there!
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  9. I may be an SMP9'ner, but I will gladly come Kyzoy :D I bet it will be a great Drop Party at that. :D
  10. I'll be there :)
  11. I will be there :)