Making YouTube Art and Desktop! [FREE]

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  1. On my channel, I have started to record myself making YouTube art for people, as of reaching 50 subs a while back. I am now offering this chance to all of EMC, as I think you guys have YouTube channels which need some custom art to your tastes. I can do:

    Channel Banner
    Channel Icon
    Desktop Wallpaper
    Twitter Art [MAYBE]

    So, if you want any of my art, leave an order below of the following:

    YouTube Name:
    Links, Twitter etc:
    Anything Else:
    Also, in return, all I ask is that you guys subscribe and maybe give me a shout out on your channel, so people can come over to mine and have a look around.
    Thanks guys, take a look at some examples!

    Zavather Channel Icon:
    Zavather Icon.png

    TheBizzz Channel Banner:
    TheBizzz Banner.png

    JayMondao Desktop Background:
    JayMondao Background.png

    JayMondao Channel Banner:
    JayMondao Banner.png
  2. These look pretty good actually, I'm impressed
    I would order one, but I make my own art :p
  3. Thank you Alice!
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