making this cooler

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  1. give me ideas as to what would make this look even cooler?!

    i don't like lava, so that isn't in the bids. ready. set. GO

  2. Fountains. Roses. Obsidian paths. Underwater glowstone. Brick.
  3. Put glowstone in between the letters so it lights up at night. or redstone lamps so you can turn it on at night. Benches.
  4. i do like the fountains idea. =]
  5. Make a path down the middle, then fill the sides in with tp pads so if they misstep they get tp'd to the beginning =3
  6. ick, water doesn't look nice in it either because of the slabs, and rows, and i have no idea how long it would take me to fill that entire thing, i don't know if i want it filled either though, i like it bare like that. but i wanna add more to it.
  7. The slabs make adding anything to it really difficult.
  8. well grrrrrr. does it at least look nice? the way it is?
  9. It does indeed ^_^
  10. Some kind of water flow would look good :)
  11. i tried that, i don't know where to put it, because it fallows the lines and looks icky.
  12. Where is this?
  13. Sever 7 15115