Making Statues and Pixel Art For You!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Matt64091, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Do you want a cool statue of you, or even a pixel art zelda on your res? If you pay me 1,500 rupees (and I know it's a lot but statues and pixel art is big), I will make you any statue or pixel art you want. It might be a while for me to finally get to building it. If you want me to do this the best way to contact me is through this thread. Thank you for letting me use your time!
  2. there is a lot of thees and they are a lot cheaper
  3. thanks for telling me
  4. I do mine for free.
  5. Well there goes my thread lol
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  6. My bussiness really never happened, nobody ever needs any wool art. :(
  7. Make me a Pixel art Melon block and Pumpkin! Nao!
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  8. Which servar ur majesty
    You supply wool
  9. Alright, enjoy your melon. :)