making skins!

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  1. hey everyone making skins for people I decided to do this after hashhog liked the skin I made for him so much
    alright so I should probably say what people should do if they want a skin made: so first I want a picture of what they want me to create a skin of (warning you may hate the skin), then I'll send them the skin through pm but leave out a part of it they then say if they want me to make the rest of it they'll pay me 2,000r (as the skin price) and I'll finish the skin PM them the final product and move on to the next skin
    it will take me around 3-4 days to make the skin and I will only be doing one skin at a time so I hope you guys want new skins!
  2. well no-one answered my computer is acting funny and I'm tired so if you submit a skin I won't be able to get to it so sorry (also not a bump)
  3. eh might as well bump so... bump!