making severs [prize 1000 rupees]

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by andremullooly, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. i would like to make my own minecraft sever can any tell me how to make one if you do you get 1000r
  2. here we go again...
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  3. prize won to dylan_frenette
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  4. thats just how i learned how to do it. that was 1 year ago, i can still do it.
  5. hey do you know how to make plugins to
  6. yes and no, im not a genius but i can do some stuff :p most things you would need are already out there anyway...
  7. To make plugins you would have to know how to write the Java coding language. If you know how to do that, then I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials around the internet to help you out with the actual process.