making pvp areana!

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  1. hey guys now for this i might need help from the mods im making a pvp areana on my res on smp4 i know that there is nothing and it will be fun i am askin for help doin it [as long as mods are ok with this] it will be they are given a ir0n sword some iron armour and a bow with 64 arrows and items respawn when u die.
  2. Sorry, we do not have any PVP in EMC, it is not allowed.
  3. Does ANY new comer ever read the EMC Rules/Guidelines?For god's sake!Not being grumpy but most new comers keep asking if pvp is allowed.
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  4. Yeah and than they complain saying that they want PvP because they think it's fun! If all they ant to do is kill others then go to another server to get that out of you system then come back and enjoy EMC for what it is! :) :) :) :)
  5. Yeah, we should really go down hard on people who don't read the rules.


    how do i get a plot?

    How do i go to my plot (same guy)

    Is pvp allowed?

    Does anyone sell diamonds under 21r? (????)
  6. Yeh i have noticed this its rather annoying should we /report them for not following rules or just tell them to stop?
  7. There isn't technically a rule against being a little annoying, although if it's extreme it could violate Commandments 5 & 9. It's probably best to give them a little friendly guidance pointing them toward the guide/rules. If they continue to be a pain/spammer then definitely report them.
  8. Feel free to politely advise newcomers to read the rules and the empire guide for the answers to most of their questions, that's all we would do if it was initially /reported to us.
    Of course if it reaches the point where it is creating a scene don't hesitate to report it and we will take appropriate action. :)

    We have tried our best to create a initiation ritual to impart important information, such as:
    - Joining website before being able to access game servers
    - Encouraging tutorial players to read the rules and empire guide
    - Creating a maze with questions specifically designed to force players to access the guide/rules

    Unfortunately many new players just use the tutorial as a standard maze and just work their way through it without looking for the correct answers, but it is as hard as we dare make it without trying to deter new players or create a police state. :)

    What makes EMC great is that we do tolerate and welcome new players and help them to get acquainted with our servers and I am always encouraged to see players helping each other. If players are too demanding or unwilling to help themselves though, dont be afraid to ask them to go and read commandment 9 in the empire guide. :)

    9. Thou Shalt Not Be a Pain In The Chat
    Do not beg for items or residence permissions, and do not expect the staff or other players to answer all your questions; do not be demanding; do not ask to become a moderator, do not ask to be teleported, and do not advertise other servers in the chat. If you come on the server just to advertize another server you will be banned permanently without warning.
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  9. none of em do.
  10. dude there is a rule its called thou shall not be a pain in chat
  11. Dude, I mentioned that rule in the very text you quoted.

    "Pain" and "annoyed" are not synonyms, however. You see, dude, your roommate making so much noise that it keeps you awake when you are trying to sleep is an example of annoying. You walking into his room and punching him in the face is an example of pain.

    You'd be surprised at the volume of /reports the staff weeds through sometimes about people who are annoying but who don't really rise to the level of any type of reprimand.

    I, frankly, find almost all chat to be annoying (it is from the word "chatter" after all, which means "incessant trivial talk") but that doesn't mean I get to just go around banning everyone when they chat. I also find people who like to argue with me--just so they can show off how smart they think they are--to be annoying, but I don't just ban them either.

    More examples:

    Spider crawling on your arm: annoying
    Spider biting your arm: pain

    Person cutting you off in traffic: annoying
    Person smashing their car into your car: pain

    Me going on and on about the difference between annoying and pain: annoying
    Me banning you in a knee-jerk fashion: pain

    Falling off your ship and landing in the ocean: annoying
    Falling off your ship and landing on the pier: pain

    Finding all of the servers full (60/60): annoying
    Finding the servers have been permanently shut down: pain

    Hope this helps.
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