Making obsidian generators

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  1. Hey EMC
    Im gunna be making obsidian generators if you are interested, they are material friendly AND space friendly taking up almost 1 third the size of the normal ones, it is very effecient at that.
    I will be needing the materials (one lava and water bucket, 2 dispensers 3 redstone and repeaters and some building blocks) and 200 rupees.

    If you are interested just comment below!

  2. I would like one! I will tell you when I can have it, I will have it sometime though.
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  3. Okay sure! anytime is good for me, just message me or something
  4. I can make one with 1 dispenser....and that's all anybody would have to provide unless they paid 500r instead of 200r. Plus I can expand it to be as large as you wish
  5. Please do not advertise your services on other people's threads. That is inappropriate. Please start another thread.
  6. T
    Thanks :D