making mob spawner

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  1. looking for 2 other people to help build and use a spawner
    • need to be a supporter, reason: cant be seen on live map
    • have to be an active member (50+ likes)
    • most promise not to tell anyone else where the spawner will be
  2. i will, but i may not be a supporter for a few more days/weeks/months :(
  3. grrrr i wish regualr players could hide from live map :/>:[
  4. I'll join I'm on it just pm me if you want me to
  5. Come on. Iron Supporter is only $5/month or roughly ¢20/day. Unless you're lying about your age, that should be well within a 22 year old's budget.
  6. i think he did say that he got mixed up and thought that he had to be a certain age to play.
    sorry i gave up on this and found a regular spawner
  7. How do you make a mob spawner?
  8. Your signature is kind of annoying
  9. u men the wizard? sorry...
  10. Maybe you should have a talk with LeoWaste
  11. It's k
  12. Ill do it and ill get supporter
  13. Accualy his sig is funny cuz it use d to say

    "If practice makes perfect and noones perfect, then why practice?"
  14. That ones better
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  15. ok then! but really really off topic
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