Making items Soulbound

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  1. Ever since i read the dragon tombs thread, i've been thinking of uses for them. I think you should be able to combine a dragon egg and an item in an anvil to make it soul bound. Stay Swordy!!!
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  2. A dragon egg is 2 million, dragon fragment 2k
    EDIT: Looks like blinky deleted their post ^.^
  3. Tokens. Lots of tokens. How about 25,000 tokens?
  4. I believe this idea was suggested before, and the general consensus was "NO." I personally think soul-bound items are OP, and there's a reason why only promos/rares/voters have it. Although, if it were to exist, then I would prefer it to be costly. This would ensure that not everyone can walk around with soul-bound gear and that the "enchantment" won't lose its value.
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  5. Lol, I did because I questioned it. I agree with Spiritress though.
  6. Well if they do add it they will make it final for sure too, and I'm not really up to pay lots of money to make my things unrepairabe. It's not really feasible.
  7. Ooh how about soulbound vouchers as prizes for events/giveaways?
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