{Making} Custom Skins

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  1. Have you ever been in a world when you see alot of people with the same type of skin as you... or have you ever just wanted to change your skin but couldn't figure out how to make it... I will start up a small business to make a unique skin for you...
    • if you are interested please post what you are looking for in you skin and if possible a picture of a skin that relates to the skin you want
    • Price will be decided by me and you at the end...The factors that come into play are (how good it looks and how long it takes)- pay will be rupees.(obviously)
  2. I would like a dragon...
  3. I'd like a teen in a suit. Also if you could make him with black headphones and the middle of the headphones should be neon green. ;)
  4. any specific color... like a spyro type dragon...ill try my best
  5. any specific suit color...here is what im thinking:
    • black jacket
    • neon green tie
    • khaki pants
    • Black headphone with neon green
    • sunglasses if u want... ill try
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  6. If you would, I'd like a Medieval-type skin with Steve's color of hair, but a more raggedy-looking beard and the same color as my avatar shirt as the color of his eyes. Also, that same blue for an undershirt, or some sort of armband or sash, because that blue is my color!
  7. archer knight, mage or something else, ( if i do knight armor would diamond color be ok)
  8. I want a skin of Corey Taylor outfit of the 90's.
  9. Search Slipknot Corey Taylor
  10. im sorry but i know that this sounds stupid... but it looks so simple to make but it will take to long and be to hard to make srry
  11. Idk just do ur best ill see wat u do and modify it from there
  12. I was thinking more of a settler or commoner-type skin, maybe something similar to Adventure Steve but with a cloak and hood or something like that
  13. can i have a dog thats nothing like amusedstew and has a cup of coffee on his chest
  14. what color cause thats the biggest part... white, blue, red, green, black, etc.
  15. Hmmm idk red and black like red with some black stuff?
  16. Guys i need to do some school stuff so i wont do any skins tonight... and im mot sure about tomorrow cause I have stuff to do
  17. Whatevs

    Thanks for [eventually] planning to do mine!
  18. At first I read that "... Also if you could make him black with headphones..."
  19. That's.. good to know?