Making an EMC fan fiction story!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've started to make an EMC fan fiction called, "How I survived the fall of the Empire" I think it's going to be really cool. I borrowed one idea from a story on Minecraft Forums - but trust me, they are two totally different stories.

    The story is basically about how in the future Aikar develops a revolutionary update that makes Minecraft connect to your brain, and you are sucked into the game. Then your five senses are in the game! For example, if you got hit with a sword, you would feel whatever a developer sets you to feel. In this case it would be a light stinging sensation. Then, a bunch of experienced real hackers (not people who used hacked clients) come on and cease control, blowing up things and torturing people. They also have set the pain to be realistic. Read the story to find out more.

    I'm not sure if I should post it all together, or in separate posts. Just in case, I'll reserve myself multiple posts.

    Thanks for reading,

    EDIT: Releases will probably be a lot slower because I actually decided to work on the story in my Resource period in school. In my resource period, they allow you to do anything you want, as long as it isn't playing games or doing nothing. Since our school encourages us to bring technology, I have the opportunity to type up the story rather quickly on my Surface.


    There once was a server called Empire Minecraft and it had many players. One day, the lead developer, Aikar, discovered a breakthrough in technology, thought it would be dangerous if it got into the wrong hands. He applied this technology to the Empire Minecraft server, and it revolutionized the way you can play Minecraft. Now, you can feel your five senses in the server. It was like Virtual Reality 10.0. Then, one day ElmofiedBoby, a player who plays regularly, started to see things happen. This is his story on how he survived the fall of Empire Minecraft.
  2. Chapter 1

    Hi there, my name is ElmofiedBoby, but you can call me Elmo. This is my story on how I survived the corruption and fall of Empire Minecraft. One day, I logged on to the server. I could feel my body melting into square arms and could start to see blocks. Before I knew it, I was in the lobby of SMP2. I was excited, as I was going to get a lot of time to build and socialize with my friends on this server, since my parents were on a romantic vacation for the whole week. This meant I could play without limits the whole week. Anyways, I teleported myself to my residence and looked at it and started putting all my effort on finishing the build. With the new update, it was really scary building. You could build to the top and then accidentally fall of the roof and fall to your death, but since damage is disabled in Town, where all the residences are, you hit the ground with force and wonder why you aren’t dead. Before long, my friends FireBlazr, 2gud4u, and YoPlaya were on to help me out. Then, for some reason, all of the staff came on. I asked, “What’s with the amount of staff?” “We’re looking for an experienced hacker that may have the power to cause a lot of destruction.” “Oh, do you need any help?” “No we’re good.” After that, me and my friends headed to PvP at SMP6. After the new update, they also had custom cars, and a small city to fight in addition to the other arenas that were already there. It is under all the others. Me and my friends formed a gang as soon as we entered the arena. Since FireBlazr, 2gud4u, and YoPlaya were relatively new, though they played here before the update, they only had P3U3 Diamond armor. I had all Marlix Armor. We then charged into battle with our mine carts. Because of the new update, these minecarts actually had realistic driving. We met the first victim. I drew my bow and pulled back the bow with it loaded. Then I sent it flying. It flew right through the player and slumped back in his car. However, he crashed into FireBlazr, and they both went off course. “We need to keep going! Blazr will catch up later.” “Okay!” agreed 2gud and Playa. We then found a 4 way battle raging on with all out bows and swords. We charged in and rapid fired our bows and stabbed our swords. There was a scream and silence. There was a lot of blood on the minecarts. Then as I was admiring the damage we had done, someone spammed arrows at us, and I dove out of the way. Apparently my car had been really damaged, so it blew up, taking Blazr, 2gud, and Playa with it. “Looks like I’m on my own” I thought. I then ran to the nearest player and hid behind a box near him, however the bow handler didn’t shoot at the player, but shot right at the box. I ran to the nearest car, dodging arrows like in the movie,
    “Matrix”, and thought, “This is the hacker the staff were looking for!”
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  5. Soo, Sword Empire Online?
  6. I have never heard of that.
  7. Okay, I published the first chapter!
  8. The concept sounds a lot like Sword Art Online, replace a Word aaand..
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