[Make Rupees!!] SMP3 Public Cane Farm

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  1. This farm allows you to make rupees from it! Just buy some cane, and then craft it into paper and sell back for rupees. At the moment the farm is charging you for the cane, but this is only because we need funds to build more onto the farm. This is a sister farm of SkareCboi's.

    You can find it at /v 6007 on smp3
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  2. Where is it?
  3. -_- Silly me.. /v 6007
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  4. Will definitely check it out :D
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  5. all sell back chests full
  6. Try the top ones, I just got back from my upstate house so its backed up.
  7. hey what block you need more sandstone or redstone cause i can get some of either 4 u today
  8. Probably redstone, thanks!

    Bump, we are FULL!! Come get some CHEAP sugar cane. 50r for a single chest!!
  9. Nice, However; your sell chests are full, I suggest making more or having hoppers that lead the paper away.
  10. I know, :) I am changing the whole system around. I redid the cane now. I need people to take the cane. I'll redo the paper within a week I'm very busy with school at the moment.
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