~/\{[Make Money!]}/\~ SMP1 Millennium Tower

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  1. If you haven't seen, recently I've made an SP build (iharo.imgur.com 2nd album). I am planning to build it on SMP1 on a residence that won't be revealed to the public for a while. So anyway, for this project I'll need loads of lapis blocks, clay, and redstone blocks. Here's where you can make money:

    -Go out to the /waste on any server you choose and gather lapis lazuli, clay, or redstone.
    -Go to /v 1148 on SMP1 and if you walk straight before you enter the building, there will be shop signs on both sides of the entrance where you can sell the items you collected.

    The items are priced a tad under market price, this is because I have a budget I must go by to get this done without breaking my balance and I need tons of every item. So if you want some money you can sell any of those you may have or go out and gather some :)

    If someone sells me a good amount of any of the items, I MIGHT give them a bonus on top of the selling price for selling a decent amount. (Up to my discretion)

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  2. Bump! Still need tons of resources :)
  3. Lapis has been taken care of, however redstone blocks and clay are still needed! Remember you might get a bonus if you sell a lot of items at once :)
  4. How much per redstone block? I'd like to get like 15r per.
  5. I'm unable to get online right now but I'm pretty sure the price comes out to 18r a block :)
  6. Seems legit. I can't spare much right now. To see why go to my res.
  7. I'll check it out lol
  8. Bump still in need of redstone and clay :)
  9. Shoulda said something buddy. Ill get on top of as much redstone as possible tomorrow.
  10. Thanks :) I'll be sure to grab you a bonus if you sell a lot :)
  11. No longer buying clay, just need redstone blocks in good amounts :)