Make Minecraft more RPG with weapons variety?

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  1. Who agrees with me that Minecraft needs more variety in weapons and weapon appearances? I think a cool idea would be to use dye to change tool colors and have enchanting change how the weapon looks, I mean dye is virtually useless other than changing wool and sheep colors but it has a lot of potential. For example: A weapon upgraded to Unbreaking will have a special trait added to it. That trait would be more noticeable the higher you upgrade the "Unbreaking" enchantment. Different types of enchantments would have different traits they enhance, making the weapons look very cool and giving weapons a huge variety. Also, it really would not be that difficult at all to program battleaxes and other weapons, so why not add those as well?
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  2. Yeah Battleaxe XD
    Would like to see Warhammer as well
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  3. OHHH...That would be sooooo cool!
  4. Weapons are not really the point of Minecraft, and, being a Java programmer myself, the whole enchantments-changing-tool-appearances thing would add THOUSANDS more lines of code. However, I believe there is a mod for battleaxes and warhammers. I admit that it would be cool to put in battleaxes, etc. if you could convince Mojang to do it. However, the enchantments-changing-appearances thing is just impractical.
  5. Yeah, let get more weapons to kill them one-hittable spiders!

    I'll take 2 shotguns and a rambo-arrow-bow-chicken-shooter.
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  6. What is a rambo-arrow-bow-chicken-shooter? Sounds like a crossbow that fires chickens.
  7. Wut? You never saw Rambo firing a chicken with an arrow?
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  8. OH ok, that makes more sense now. So you're saying that you should be able to stick stuff (and animals) on the ends of arrows and then shoot them? That would be AWESOME!!!
  9. Ho, the possibilities...:eek:
  10. one thing i want, OBSIDIAN TOOLS!
  11. Yea I thought about that too, but Diamond is rare and Obsidian you can make so it would not be as cool because it would be too easy to get them.
  12. This type of discussion would be better suited on the Official Minecraft Forums.

    It is allowed here, do not misinterpret that. ;)
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  13. We've made our own weapons and Armour to some point, it was abit of work but in the end it worked out quiet well ^_^
  14. Another good idea: Obsidian armor. It would give a little less protection than diamond armor, but last way longer.
  15. I know that theres a class mod that changes your wepons for instance theres pyro who wields a bow and TNT arrows.theres an Engineer who can make arrow turrets and health restoration platforms that kind of thing
  16. I think I've heard of that.
  17. It was on a capture the flag server type thing i found it a great challange i think they should add a portal at spawn to an arena like that
  18. Three words: CTF is awesome.
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