Make me a spawner xp farm!

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  1. Hey guys, I have another cave spider spawner on SMP7, And I cant make good xp farms, if you can make a really efficient xp cave spider spawner farm message me here or in private message. I will pay 3oor and you can use it, If you need I can supply materials. Thanks
  2. I suggest too look around, explore a bit and find two spawners that are close to each other - less than 32 blocks distance. It is not that hard to find and has double efficiency.
    Making a good single spawner xp grinder is about 2 hours of work, so the price would be at least 6k, more like 10k.
    I'd make a single for 10k and double for 12k to 20k, depending on configuration.
    If the spawners are really close to each other than 12k, if it is difficult configuration then 20k.
  3. OK thanks