Make me a skin...

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  1. Hi everybody, i'm looking for a master artist to make me a skin in the fashion of spidermans Venom.

    Couple of things, i want him to be in green and yellow (not your traditional Venom) with a bright blue tongue!

    All valid entries will be rewarded with a small rupee prize and any skin i choose to use will be rewarded with 5k Rupees.

    Let those creative minds get to work, i look forward to your creations....

    Regards Glasi13
  2. Well actually, i dont care much for rupees. I'm only a donator because i like this server and want it to keep running, the perks dont fuss me much.

    This was basically me looking for something i want but getting it the lazy way, which by happen stance, rewards others.

    P.s. a matching signature will also be rewarded!
  3. No one wants to earn rupees?

    Reward is 5,000 rupees
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