Make me a mega mall.

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  1. As I am clueless on a mega mall idea so i am letting you make me the mega mall for me.

    1. You Supply the materials
    2. When done i will receive you ruppess you earned.
  2. you will receive rupees for someone making it for you?
  3. That doesn't sound like a great deal
  4. Whoops i mean you receive the ruppess you earned
  5. Its probably best that you make a request as to how you want the mall to be set out/look like and offer how much you are willing to pay someone for there services.
  6. I might consider if I get paid upfront.1.5k(my current rupee count)isn't enough for materials
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  7. you could open up a shop underneath my (planned) mega mall if you're that clueless as what to do. Then you get the ruppes and i get more business as well, its a me win you win! More info at Ironic-Sword Updates.
  8. Well how much would you pay me of I built you one like the one on /v 19500?
  9. I am Making a Mega Mall for with two people now Thanks for the Requests