[Make A Offer] Double Chest Of Emeralds

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    Im selling a double chest of emeralds, but only if you make a offer! Do it via PM so that your offer is kept private from others.

    Click Here - To PM Me
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  2. meh, i have enough private convos going...
  3. this is 6 stacks of emerald blocks -_-
  4. just make an auction :)
  5. Well, in an auction with would probably go for around 20-25r/emerald.
  6. I dont think you have to worry about that offer, so no need to PM him.
  7. Fellyboy, are you an alt
  8. Oh gosh.. not this again xD
  9. im not an alt
  10. I see your grey text!;)
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  11. too bad i dont. Lets put this issue to rest, he is not my alt nor do i use him for any reasons he is my brother.
  12. Ahhh he must have changed it:p
  13. he doesnt know how to even do Gray text