Make a album game!

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  1. Ok, this is how the game works.

    1. Go to Wikipedia, and click random article. What ever pops up is your bands name.
    2. Next, go to Wikiquote. Click random article. The last 3-5 words are the album's title.
    3. Next, go to flicker and click the last 7 days page. The 5th picture is the albums cover.
    4. Edit them together.
    5. Post here.

    If you get anything that breaks EMC rules, try again for that step.

    Here's mine.

  2. Ok, Got it all here. Put how do I put it all together?
  3. Use like Paint or something. Copy the picture in, and then just type the text in.
  4. Nightingales.png
    Okay, So I suck with paint. But I should at least get an E for effort..
  5. I do to, its just about having fun!

    I still think my first one was my best.
  6. Only me and mang... :(

  7. I cant use paint so ill just say it. Wheres the random button?
  8. It doesn't have to be paint! It can be any photo editing program that lets you do this! :)

  9. It post on i pad.
  10. What program do you use?
  11. Photoshop of course.
  12. I kind of like mine to look cruder, so it looks like a nobody band made it. :p