Make 50r - Add A Teleport To Your Res

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  1. Who wants 50r? All you have to do is add a teleport to one of my shops to your residence plot in a prominent location. Limit 1 per residence, but if you have many plots on multiple accounts, you can get 50r per residence for each teleport you add.

    Teleport consists of 2 signs:
    1) The shop number, followed by a description on the remaining 3 lines such as 'Diamonds, iron, gold, beacons, logs, and more'. (Feel free to put your own description if you prefer.)
    2) A sign with teleport on the first line and the shop number on the second. This sign can be placed on the wall beside or below the first sign, or 1 block below the floor to act as a teleporter.

    The advertisement and teleport must be placed in a visible location and easy to find. It's at my discretion what constitutes visible and easy to find.

    Here are the shops on each SMP:
    SMP1 - 2211
    SMP2 - 4411*
    SMP3 - 6611
    SMP4 - 8811
    SMP5 - 11011
    SMP6 - 12211
    SMP7 - 14411
    SMP8 - 16111
    SMP9 - 19500
    For example, if your residence is on SMP5, you would be advertising /v 11011.

    *4411 is in the process of being transferred to me thanks to the generosity of Uber_Corq, so please link to that address as it will be used officially going forward.

    Once you've added the teleport fill out this form and reply below or PM me to get your 50r:
    User: <your username you want paid>
    SMP: <server>
    Res: <your res number where you placed the sign>
    Description: <enough information that I can easily locate the teleport>

    I will send payment once I've had a chance to verify your teleport (within a few days). You should be willing to keep the teleport active for at least 30 days.
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  2. What... about Utopia?....
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  3. I don't have a shop there either, sorry.
  4. I want to add a Teleport to at my res 1794
  6. I will add your shop to the smp3 directory when I have a chance. :)
  7. Thanks so much!
  8. No problem
  9. I would love to add a tp to your shop from my res. Might pm you later tomorrow for some pointers on it.
  10. My goodness Azoundria.... you're a genius.