Major Lag

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  1. Is anyone else getting major lag. Blaze are hardly spawning... chests open like ayear after you click them.
  2. It's like this after updates. The plugins aren't optimised (I think that's the word that was used) and to make things worse we've had to go from CraftBukkit++ (which improves performance on larger servers) to normal Bukkit. It should improve over the coming days/weeks.
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  3. I'm totally opposite to you guys I'm significantly less laggy :D I love this update
  4. this is actually affecting me really bad, im costantly getting disconnected. I cant do anything
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  5. literally everytime i connect i get disconnected
  6. Im also lagging It Takes like 30 Second's To Spawn a Zombie. :(
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  7. Same on my end.
    I'll list down the major problems:
    1. Lag in chat eg. What you entered in the chat turns up 20s later
    2. Chest lag
    3. Villager lag eg. Sometimes they just freeze and I can't click on them
    4. Build lag
    That's probably the few main ones...
    As we speak Justin and Jeremy and other mods might be working on it now, let's be patient ;)
  8. Honestly the problem is the update. 1.3 has introduced SOMETHING that causes tonnes of lag in multiplayer. It's on every server I've been on. Hopefully they'll send out a 1.3.1 which fixes the terrible lag...
  9. This has already been mentioned in the official 1.3 thread.
  10. We're on 1.3.1...
  11. in my case... i have 230 fps at regular on my lot. i only notice it in chat :p
  12. Guys, just wait it out. Just because we've updated doesn't mean everything is perfect.
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  13. Aint laggy , For me.
  14. I've been getting disconnected every once in a while since the server was updated 1.3.1. This is because, like Jack said, the server is now bukkit instead of craftbukkit++ which means the plugins are broken. The performance should improve in a few days when craftbukkit++ is updated. My client has been crashing in 1.3.1 alot, this is because 1.3.1 has a ton of bugs.
  15. I get 120FPS in my res and in the wild I get 60FPS for some reason :p In d1223m's res I get 1 FPS, same with foohundred's res :p
  16. I hate this lag.
  17. You have to made me login because of this post you made lol.

    Plugins are not broken. Craftbukkit++ is not literally needed but it does introduce some helpful features to keep servers at tip top shape. And I doubt one man can fork craftbukkit and build from source again in a short time. IMO I think emc should have waited a bit more. Afforess has no help except for small commit changes by md5 and some other recognized bukkit devs.
  18. I sat at my blaze grinder for 15mins and got 0 spawns
  19. Correct, all bukkit plugins should pretty much work just fine on CraftBukkit++

    CB++ just takes CB, and fixes some things in ways that the CB team doesn't want to force on everyone (because it changes vanilla game mechanics, in that such crops grow differently, items group (which is now an mc feature though), etc)

    As for the current lag, I'm currently unsure of whats going on, but I'm sure Justin is aware, just realize he still has a lot going on IRL and it took a lot of effort to actually get the 1.3.1 update and DB maintenance done (he doesn't even have "reliable" internet atm... but monitors everything through phone/email and can jump on when needed)

    as for why were seeing so much lag, I believe we may have gotten used to the benefits CB++ gave us, and CB++ kept us in the "acceptable" range, and now that were not in CB++, were over the line.

    Remember we use to have some pretty bad lag before CB++, and MC's only expanded since our switch to CB++, as well as empire numbers growing and DB issues.

    Also consider the playstyle pattern changing of more players going into the wild. More players moving into the wild increases lag due to internal game mechanics of minecraft (I don't want to go into full details why, but it makes perfect sense in a technical reasoning)

    EMC has changed since 3 months ago, and we may now be at a point we REQUIRE CB++ level changes.

    CB++ has not updated because Bukkit has some bad bugs. So of course were experiencing those bugs atm as you can see...

    Once Bukkit stablizes, then CB++ is updated, we should hopefully be back and be back to acceptable performance.

    We ask you guys be patient, its just a rough time for Justin due to IRL stuff at the moment (which has blocked him being able to get me incorporated properly to even help develop EMC), but soon as hes settled fully, itll be back to the way it use to be and he can get things rolling similar to before, plus me being able to start helping out too, so well have even more updates.
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