major lag caused by testificates.

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  1. on smp3 a guy named Endedwisley has TONS of testificates on his res and it is the second worse lag i have ever experienced caused by testificates.can something be donw about this?
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  2. Yeh get a better pc ;) why not ask him if he could egg some of them instead of taking stuff straight to the forums this is the 2nd time ive seen you do something like this
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  3. i can't ask him to,i have never seen him online
  4. Not to worry, soon villager's will be removed in town, because Justin also noticed this.
  5. Give me a link to THAT!
  6. I am only going to remove the ability for them to spawn in Town in "farms", you can still spawn them via eggs, etc. The problem is that people are creating these huge farms that produce thousands of villagers.
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  7. im sorry!!! that happened to me on accident once i had to have mods help me eggify them because my mc kept crashing luckily they didnt have to reset my res now ive been done with breeding them in fear of something like that happenening again.. (fyi i had 1080 total villagers on my res that was a little crazy if you think about it)