Major Headache

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  1. I've had a headache since I woke up this morning, it's gone from bad to good and back to bad all day. Any suggestions? I've taken pain relievers already, haven't helped at all.
  2. Go into a room without noise, lights, and a lot of sun; just rest. ;)

    This includes computers and phones! :confused:
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  3. Dark room, no sounds no lights.
  4. Drink water, make sure you are hydrated. Make some Green Tea/"Sleepytime Tea" or tea that has chamomile. Then, rest. Whether or not you sleep does not matter, as long as your body can attempt to get better. Try Echinacea.

    Hope this helps. (Also, take a break from electronic devices.)

    Edit: I would recommend not buying that Echinacea, (if you ever consider it) rather, go to a store and buy a good brand. Echinacea really helps boost your immune system, and helps with headaches and colds/fevers. Drink one or two dropper fulls in water, juice, tea, or even on its own. (Warning: I like the taste, but depending on what brand you get, you might not like it! [I just get the "No Added Flavor" one. I like to get all natural stuff too.])
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  5. Stay hydrated, exercise and stop eating painkillers.
  6. If you are woken up by the headaches, I suggest seeing a medical professional.
    Try to take a nap. Those help a lot.
    If those fail, take an Advil.
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  7. I'm an expert on headaches, unfortunately. I get chronic migraines. Caffeine is your friend, but only in small doses. Just one cup of coffee or a can of soda can sometimes help relieve the pounding in your head. Be careful not to have too much, however, because too much caffeine can also cause headaches. Otherwise just hydrate and take it easy. If this is unusual for you and it isn't relieve by over the counter medication, you may want to consider seeing your doctor for some relief. Good luck, hopefully you feel better soon :)
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  8. Also, sometimes a sudden bad headache can come from something 'bad' that you eat. May be triggered by some minor food illness. Always be careful what you put into your body!
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  9. Like don't eat butter on a stick. I hear that's bad for you. :p
  10. These two are probably the most helpful, especially if you combine what both of them say. Get Well Soon.
  11. Don't fully trust people's advices (including this), especially on the Internet.
    Rest, stay hydrated. If it persists or becomes a common thing, go see a doctor.
    Do not take medicine on your own.
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  12. Try taking a warm shower, always helps me
  13. You have been away from EMC for too long, that's why. It's the only possible reason.
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  14. Doubt it, EMC usually causes my headaches. :p
  15. If you don't get headaches from playing EMC you aren't playing enough
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  16. Sorry you have a headache!

    Ok, so what you need to do is rest. Get in your bed, and try to fall back asleep. No light, no sounds, and including all eletronics.

    Edit: This has happened to me before; maybe you're having a headache because you're on eletronics to much!