MAJOR GREIFING ON SMP3 - We need admins

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How should this be dealt with?

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Donate as much as possible to king_redbird(items) 10 vote(s) 62.5%
Have people give king_redbird some rupees to buy back the things he lost 6 vote(s) 37.5%
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  1. As you can tell bythe title of this article, there has been a major greifing on the res of "king_redbird" and we need admins to fix this mess and find the greifer(s). Below will be snapshots taken of the res as lava fell and burned nearly all of the res:
    2012-03-27_16.54.32.png 2012-03-27_16.54.34.png 2012-03-27_16.54.32.png 2012-03-27_16.54.34.png 2012-03-27_16.54.37.png 2012-03-27_16.54.50.png

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  3. look at all that lava, who had build or bucket perms on his res?
  4. you need admins or senior mods to stop this. Senior mods are Shaunwhite1982, Dark_liz, and icecreamcow. Admin's names are shown in a dark purple and senior moderator names are shown in a light green.
  5. there were a few people who had build perms, so it was one of them, or someone using a hacking client to greif, i advise everyone on SMP3 the be wary of their res
  6. even with a hacking client, they couldnt do anything to your res without perms
  7. anyone on king reds res that had a bucket perm couldve done in a way its kings fault but this still needs to be stoped.
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  8. btw the choices are bassicaly the same.
  9. Poor guy.. :( I'm going to go give him a free stack of iron ingots! Sure, its not the saplings that we will need to re-grow his trees, but he can sell them! :)
  10. no one had bucket, the only flags where: use everyone, build on jryan911..<--- and bennylahem, who is a gold suporter and at the time was in the wild...
  11. bucket permission is use permission I believe...
  12. it doesn't matter now. im banned.
  13. For this incident?
  14. I believe it would be a nice idea for moderators to start an investigation over the guys with build perms at the residence...
  15. I don't get why he was banned, but it seems the mods don't give jack crap about this.
  16. I'm confused.. I was there last night and didn't see anything like this, but then again I was under the ground some place..

    Anyways, we can't take action on anyone without screenshot proof or chat admittance, so if you got evidence, please send it to me by PM.
  17. He was banned for breaking the rules multiple times, and had nothing to do with this.

    also, reporting on forums is not the proper way to do this, please use /report...
  18. It's unfortunate that this happened to him and you know as well as I do that the mods care. That's why they are moderators after all. Even though he was grieved, he is still expected to hold up the rules of EMC which he did not. He decided his own fate.
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  19. I know that king_redbird is banned, but can we please keep king_redbird's res alive? Just let it be in ruins to preserve the memories of this great person.

    I have gotten a lot of free wool thanks to king_redbird and I have generously donated wheat to populate his sheep.
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