Major EMC updates.

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Do you like the updates?

Heckz yah! 12 vote(s) 80.0%
They're alright. 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Where's the bear? 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Oh god no! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So there's going to be a use for dragon eggs in EMC now, which ignoramoose said on a post awhile ago. It was something a little like this
    Just as a discussion about that was made, ICC released a blog post and a little bit of info on what's to come soon. Aikar's first EMC update.

    The EMC GUI was also announced a few months back. It is in development by d1223m. I'm guessing that is still in development. Also, Aikar is designing an exciting new shop system. He has re-coded it due to too many complaints about megamalls not being able to work well with it, and from the sounds of it now Aikar has patched it right up to fit our needs.

    What are your opinions on these big updates to EMC?
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  2. I love them all! This is just the start of bigger and better things for EMC! :)
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  3. What he said
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  4. All I can say is that EMC is only going to get better.
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  5. So far I haven't disagreed with any of them. 1. They either are for the better or 2. Don't affect anything I do in a bad way. :D
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  6. Since I spend 99% of my time in the wild the shop thing only effects me because I have a shop for rupees only. It's not even kept well stocked and I restarted my res xP
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  7. I suppose the people actually doing the program should be doing all of this hype (it's their baby). But you haven't seen anything yet :)
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  8. I have liked every single post in this thread. Wow. Just wow.
    If I haven't seen anything yet...0-0 3 things isn't that big?
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  9. Don't forget about major wild updates, pvp server and i just thought of yet another major idea today while driving...

    Exciting things are coming.
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  10. The PvP server is of interest to me :p I like PvP and all but they make me rage when people spawn camp. Hopefully that will result in a ban on EMC rather than the admins grabbing nachos and popcorn and watching from their invisible glass box above the clouds.
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  11. They'd be better if hostile mobs in the wild still worked. -.-

    I mean Im no fan of creepers, but it doesnt feel right with nothing trying to kill me.....
  12. And we can't forget the shop update! :)

    Also, can't wait to see Justin get a bit more involved :D
  13. I'm all for Wild stuff and PvP, I prefer wild to town just not the griefers.
    Shop update doesn't affect me but I'm not gonna stomp my feet and scream that I don't want it. :p I like that EMC is trying to bring in things to make EVERYONE happy not just a few people.
  14. It can only get better from here.
    Or it could get worse for you from here.... if you get banned a miss all these awesome updates...