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  1. Me and Nickblockmaster were mining in the west outpost on smp6 when we found 4 diamond ore, so I used my silk touch pick and took to our outpost. I set it down and mined it with my Ore Buster and nothing appeared, so I tried it with 4 redstone ore and it did the same thing. We want the diamonds and the redstone if possible, and we also want to know what happened.
  2. Sorry, but there is no chance of items get refunded, as you can't prove that you had the diamonds, it's just to prevent possible scamming.
  3. and shouldn't this be reported to the bug team? :/
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  4. I just tested an ore buster on some coal and some laps, worked just fine.:confused:
    Don't have any diamond or red stone ore to test, but I don't see why it would work on some ore and not other ore.
  5. I can indeed confirm that it has nothing to do with the ore buster. I've used it on diamonds and redstone several times.

    I noticed a bug where stuf sometime get rolled back into chest for me, mebbe that happend for you aswell?
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  6. It didn't roll back into the chest and I don't know how to report to the bug team but i promise to the Lord Jesus I am not scamming.
  7. And I believe that you are not, but unless you can produce some proof, there is nothing to be done, sorry. :(
  8. Yeah sorry, that's just how the bug policy is.

    If you can show me a screenshot of you having the ore & you loosing it, I guess I can refund you out-of-pocket. :)
  9. Could this possibly be a result of a huge lag spike? Or was it just not working on the ores you found in the wild?
  10. :C

    Oh yeah btw, I've recently stumbled upon something new (at least for me) that occasionally the server will stop responding to you. You can't receive messages, you can break blocks even though there are build flags, broken blocks don't give the item etc. I've found that relogging will roll you back to the point were the server was last responding to you, so any blocks you placed will be in your inventory etc. Just to let you know :p
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  11. I did that I wasn't lagging it just wouldn't give them, and I tried re-logging in and it didn't give them back.
  12. I don't know what to say, then :(
  13. I understand.
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  14. This is why I record most of my mining sessions lol, if something happens I can use it as proof :p
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  15. I don't have the money for those recording things or know how to use one.
  16. A good free one is hypercam 2
  17. What is that?
  18. Hmm.. I wonder what he could be talking about