[ MAJER DISCUSSION ] Effectiency Enderman XP Farm

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Should this be a "perk"?

Yes 7 vote(s) 70.0%
No 3 vote(s) 30.0%
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    I've been helping many servers build this (I am not listing due to advertising ) This time its the Empire . . . I am going to try to do this on All servers and to have at least 1 Enderman XP Farm. First things first, I will start with Utopia ( For the supporters to go first ;) ) And will be smp1 - smp9. Please do not grief as I am going to try my best to building this and I woould really break if al the XP Farms are griefed :(
    Anyhow, donations are very much appreciated as ALL the money will go into the XP Farm. My goal was to try to make everyone go to The End more often. I had been very successful on doing this for other servers and now trying this for the Empire! :D
    I am willing to take End coords as I dont know all the coords except smp2's. This is much appreciated and will take me farther into my mission to successfully work :) I will try to do this by next year ( or less :p )
    Utopia will have a larger Enderman XP Farm. The reason I'm doing this is because I want more players to become supporters. Also, I want supporters to have another "perk" to have this type of "advantage". I will work on planning to do this ASAP. Be patient, as I'm only 1 Minecrafter. People can help me to make this go faster, but I doubt it :p
    Without further ado, It'll be great to have the "Residence In Wild" Thing to happen ASAP so my "grinder" doesnt go above and beyond the limit and not willing for griefers to grief my Creations. I am focusing to Aikar in this part because , as we all know , is the coder around here :)
    I think this should be a "perk" ( like I said ) in the descriptions of supporters to have a bigger XP Farm. If Yes, Why? If no, Why not? Post your reasonz in the comments below!
    I know this is a very long of a text, but I had lots to say on this and I hope somebody can read all of this!
    I will be aiming the time this will be all done by Hanukah / Christmas / Whatever you celebrate! I will also try to make it so that the XP Farm can have a little killing spot. In the XP farm, there will be a pumpkin farm so you can have a pumpkin and start killing enderman. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN KILLING AN ENDERMAN WITHOUT PUMPKINS , IT'LL TELEPORT OUT AND KILL YOU FROM BEHIND! And so that more of this will be explained with questions and feedback, this will be edited, so watch out :) And remember this when im building this XP Farm. "In the Empire, the server trolls you" This is definaly NOT a troll and why would this be a troll when theres a jumbo wall of text here? Please cmment what you think, and yes the How About No Bear is usable in this thread, but I want a reason!
  2. . . . And I meant MAJOR *facepalm*
  3. awesome! i dont know where a portal is tho... :)
  4. I don't understand the concept of it being a perk.
  5. By it being a larger XP Farm on Utopia than in smp's
  6. So, you are creating the perk? Am I on the right track?
  7. [MAJER DISCUSSION] needs major spellcheck :):p
  8. Uh already one on utopia
  9. Okay then lol :)

    Smp's then
  10. Lol!
    One done early! :p
  11. i was planing to do this on smp6. i can help on all the servers but Utopia i might if i get diamond back