Main servers down,

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know SMP3's giving everyone errors or unknown commands when accessing the vault/rupees/who Etc

    UPDATE: Server appears to be online again
  2. i know are they updating??
  3. I can't even log in anymore.
  4. I don't think so, I think it's a problem with the main database again.
  5. Join for instant access ~~~~~?
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  6. Caused by main database going down, Just need to sit tight and wait for ICC/Justin to fix it
  7. Well, ICC is online, I think he is going through and convincing all to leave so they can update.
  9. They'd just Restart the servers if that was the case. + The main database doesn't need to update, It's just a data storage.
  10. Main server seems to be up and running again.
  11. This is not an update to 1.3 thing. Just the database messing up. Justin has been texted and will get it up and running as soon as he can. :)
  12. im hoping its an update
  13. Seems to be running again. Servers have just restarted
  14. when will the update hapon?
  15. When there ready, Bukkits released a Dev version, So now we wait for justin to update his plugins.
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  16. I should build my DJ studio :p