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Good or bad idea?

Good idea! 11 vote(s) 73.3%
Terrible Idea! 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Could use tweaking [Post Below] 2 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. So, i was thinking of an idea for EMC. The mailbox system!
    The way this works is a player would run a command /mail [username]
  2. It is a fairly good idea, but i would like it if you could turn it of and on to keep away from spam :p
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  3. /check mail to see your mail.
    /mail to see what you've got in your inbox.
    /trash mail to get rid of it.

    The mail thing sounds like a really good idea! EMC should have it! :D
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  4. Perhaps you could use some sort of /block [username]
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  5. This was already suggested, and Aikar planned on Adding it at the time, not sure if he is still tho. (This could also be wrong, I feel tired and confused xD)
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  6. I hope he is
  7. I can second this. It has been suggested and accepted by Aikar. Kepharus (I know that is spelled wrong) suggested it before.
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  8. Hopefully it will be made one day.
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  9. Just one question. Check the mail and mail seem like the same exact thing. There should be a send mail thing. How would we be able to send mail?
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  10. /mail is to see how much is in your mail box.
    /check mail is reading the mail you got
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  11. I think that it would be great!
  12. No-one has voted this as a bad idea, Seems right :)
  13. Hmm... now thinking about it, the mail is actually like the inbox on the forums... but having mail on the actual EMC is great for having items sent, and getting notified that you won an auction, or a friendly HOLA! (I am not Spanish btw) :D
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  14. Or when you really need to send something to someone in a busy crowded area, and you can't afford to drop anything to them or else someone else will pick it up! Good idea, since you can't send items in conversations and not everybody goes on the EMC site.
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  15. Please make a new pic... :confused:
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