Mail order Nature Items

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  1. I am now selling items in a new way: Mail Order!

    1.PM me what item you want and the quantity.
    2.I bring the items over to you
    3.You pay for the items

    Items for sale:
    Wheat-64 for 32 rupees
    seeds-64 for 16 rupees
    melon slices-64 for 32 rupees
    nether wart-64 for 64 rupees

    more items will be added. the most you can order at once is 128 items total. Ex: You can buy 64 wheat and 64 seeds, or 128 wheat, but you cannot buy 128 wheat and 128 seeds.

    shipping price is 10 rupees per order. Price is 20 rupees for smp6, as I am currently in an outpost thousands of blocks away from spawn.

    Please allow at most 1 week for your order to reach you for most servers, and about 2 weeks for smp6
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