Mag's Redstone Supply Co.

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  1. Mag's Redstone Supply Co.
    Welcome to Mag's Redstone Supply Co.,
    This is a company that specializes in supplying redstone items to the residents. All you do is choose the item(s) that you want to order and submit it using the order form below onto the comments and you order will be processed.

    Once your order is complete, i will notify you and then you can come to my res and step on the teleport for Pickup order, look around and you should find a room with access to your chests. All payment is done by buying the products from the chest set specifically for you. I'll try my best to fulfll orders withing 3-5 days or shorter depending on the order. Start by having a look at the catalog:

    PICK UP is at 3520

    Order Form:
    Quantity of Each Item:

    Transport (Yes or No):
    Deadline (Optional):


    Redstone Dust = 18 for 35r

    Redstone Torch = 10 for 22r

    Redstone Repeater = 1 for 10r

    Redstone Comparator = 1 for 6r

    Daylight Detector = 1 for 16r

    Redstone Lamp = 1 for 24r

    Tripwire Hook = 1 for 4r

    Dropper = 1 for 6r

    Dispenser = 1 for 14r

    Piston = 1 for 14r

    Sticky Piston = 1 for 20r

  2. Lowered prices
  3. Item(s): Sticky Piston
    Quantity of Each Item: 6 stacks

    Transport (Yes or No): no
    Deadline (Optional): in 2 hours
  4. Item: Redstone Lamp
    Quantity: 16
    Transport: Yes, i will set a chest at spawn
    Deadline: At or after 1 PM EST tomorrow, or i cannot pay you.