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  1. Hi

    i want to establish an outpost in the frontier (wild) on smp3 , i have a locked chest under the name MAGOSKAIN , as far as i can tell there are no other established outpost or structure in the larger surrounding area.


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  2. Any mod or admin here to confirm ??
  3. It took myself a week or two to get mine established. Bump it once a day for a couple of days and if no mods see it, PM NZScruffy on the site and he will get to it. Hope this helps.
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  4. thx for the advice :)
  5. BUMP

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  6. Lets bump it ..:)

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  7. I will get to it asap, I promise. I'm working through the backlog. Some have been waiting a long time.

    Make sure you have any other players building there, or nearby post here they approve of your claim to the area. And the rest i'll take care of.
  8. as far as i know there are no nearby players , and im all bymyself atm ( lonely sigh * :( )
  9. You cannot establish a base here. Please re-read the guidlines. In particular